How to Reach Huangshan City

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From Beijing:

By air: Flight CA1551 (19:00/21:00, Daily)

By train: K45 (11:45/07:33, Daily)


From Shanghai:

By air: Flight MU5561( 21:30 / 22:40, Daily from Pudong Airport) or Flight FM9265 ( 20:50 / 22:00, Daily from Pudong Airport )

By train: N418/N419 ( 22:35/10:00) or train 2182/2183(12:40/00:27)

By bus: From Shanghai South Bus station (located at No.666 Shilong Road), 3 runs to Huangshan city (Tunxi ) each day departing at 07:40, 09:40 and 15:15 respectively.


From Nanjing:

By train: K45 (01:45/07:33), K25(16:02/21:24), K155(16:50/23:04) or K221/K224(17:38/23:41)

By bus: From Nanjing Zhongyang Men Long Distance Bus Stations (located at No.1 Jianning Road, the intersection of Zhongyang Road, Jianning Road and Longpan Road. It is also just one kilometer west of Nanjing Train Station), 4 runs to Mt.Huangshan city (Tangkou ) each day departing at 07:00, 09:40, 13:20 and 17:30 respectively.

This Nanjing Bus station Inquiry Line: 025 85531299 , Bookings Hotline: 025 85531153


From Hangzhou:

By bus: From Hangzhou West Bus Stations (located at No.357 Tianmushan Road, Tel: 0571 85222237), departing every hour, from 07:10 to 16:30. It is 250 kilommeters between Huangzhou and Huangshan City(Tunxi), it takes about 3 hours to get to Tunxi.


From Guangzhou:

By air: Flight CZ3627 (18:30/20:10, Daily)

By train: K222/K223 (09:18/03:43, Daily, it takes 18 and a half hours)


From Shenzhen:

By air: Flight ZH9951 (20:10 / 21:40, on Tuesday and Sunday)

By train: K26 (12:08/07:33, Daily, it takes more than 19 hours)


From Wuhan

By bus: From Wuchang Fujiapo Bus Station (located at No. 358, Wuluo Road , Wuchang, Wuhan), to Mt.Huangshan city (Tangkou) each day departing at 09:30.


From other cities:

You might fly to Shanghai or Hangzhou, then transfer to Huangshan City by air, train or bus.