Hot Spring Scenic Area

2010-11-27 作者: Mount Huangshan   信息来源: Mount Huangshan

Located at the southern foot of Mt. Huangshan, it has an altitude of 600 meters to 700 meters. This area is marked for the blending of peaks and hills, water, rocks and ancient relics. Known as one of the Five Wonders in Mt. Huangshan, this area is ideal for the travelers to clean themselves of the dirt and tiredness of travel, cure diseases and entertain. Flowing through the whole area are the Peach Blossom Stream, the White Cloud Stream and the Hot Spring Stream, in which there are emerald-like Peach Blossom Pond, Blue Dragon Pond and White Dragon Pond. Here there are also momentous Vertical V Waterfalls and Thousand Feet Waterfalls, fantastic and beautiful Sandie Spring, Mingxian Spring, Xibei Spring. What adds to the beauty is novel and exquisite rocks like Dragon Head Rock, Eagle Rock, Tiger Head Rock, Drunken Rock and the rock named Liu Hai Playing with a Golden Toad.