Winter Snow

2010-11-23 作者: Mount Huangshan   信息来源: Mount Huangshan

Snow falls in many parts of the world, and makes the world bright, crisp and clean. But the snow on Huangshan Mountain is special from most places in the world. What makes Huangshan Mountain's snow different is the magic that occurs when the snow settles on the ancient pines, rocks, and pools of Huangshan Mountain. It forms a perfect union that makes this already amazing area even more beautiful. Because of the spectacular beauty, the snow on Huangshan Mountain is called the fifth wonder of Huangshan Mountain.

After a snowfall, the natural hot springs and pools of Huangshan Mountain are encircled by snow, the mountains and trees covered in white are reflected in the water. The steam rising from the springs, which can be much more clearly seen due to the cold weather, make the area tranquil and mysterious. It is no wonder poets have been inspired for centuries at Huangshan Mountain.