Tunxi Old Street

2010-11-29 作者: Mount Huangshan   信息来源: Mount Huangshan

Lying in the center of Tunxi district, Huangshan city, Tunxi Old Street is 832 meters long and 5-8 meters wide. With hundreds of years of history contained here, the street boasts some of the best-preserved buildings in the architectural styles of the Song, Ming and Qing dynasties. A commercial street for pedestrians only, there row upon row of shops, the buildings simple but elegant.

Tunxi Old Street dates since the Song Dynasty. It gradually became a distribution center for goods and materials bound for Huizhou during the Ming and Qing dynasties. The shops in the old street are built in a special style, with a shop-front on the street and either a workshop, warehouse, or household in the back. The buildings have two or three floors, and the pavement in front of them is 5 to 8 meters wide, laid with large red cobblestones. After the rain, the cobbled ground reflects all around it. Some of the shops on the street are over a hundred years old, including ”Tongderen” Medicine Shop, ”Tonghe” Steelyard Store, and ”Chengdexin” Sauce and Pickle Shop. The manufacture, display and sale of the goods from these shops remains the same today as it was hundreds of years ago due to the adherence to the ancient customs of the area.