The North Sea or Back Sea

2011-05-23    信息来源: chinahighlights

North of Lion Peak and Beginning-To-Believe Peak is the North Sea or Back Sea. Lion Peak and Refreshing Terrace are not only the best places to view the Northern Sea of Clouds, but also to watch the sunrise. As moist air circulates, the clouds are always changing. When the sun is shining, the peaks are bathed in sunlight, and then a moment later they are shadowed by cloud. It is a splendid show, to which nothing can compare.

North Sea Hotel marks the fork north to the back mountains. Just south of North Sea Hotel is Flower Growing out Of a Writing Brush. Opposite North Sea Hotel is the majestic Lion Peak, on which there is the famous rock called Monkey Watching the Sea. Refreshing Terrace, the main viewing point for watching the scenery of the North Sea is on the hotel side of Lion Peak. In the early morning, people congregate there to watch magnificent sunrises over the Sea of Clouds.

Beginning-To-Believe Peak