Feast Your Eyes on Waterfalls in Mt.Huangshan

2011-06-09 作者: Mt.Huangshan   信息来源: Mt.Huangshan

The rainy season sets in during these days in south of Anhui Province, while Mount Huangshan presents a splendid view of cascading waterfalls, which attracts great concern of visitors all over the world.

Renzi Waterfall

Nine-dragon Waterfall

The Thousand Feet Spring

As the watershed of the Qiantang River and the Yangtze River, Huangshan is rich in water resources, with numerous mountain streams and water channels. Because of the high drop, the water rushes down and forms waterfalls which become the most fantastic sight of Mt. Huangshan. Famous waterfalls on the mountain are the Renzi (the Chinese character for human being) Waterfall, the Thousand Feet Spring and the Nine-dragon Waterfall.