Tunxi Green Tea

2010-11-29 作者: Mount Huangshan   信息来源: Mount Huangshan

Tunlu is the abbreviation of Green Tea of Tunxi, growing mainly in Xiuning, She county, Jingde, Jixi, Tunxi, Ningguo. The tea is named Tunlu for they were processed mainly in Tunxi in history.

Tunlu tea have sturdy, tightly kinked twigs with bright color and luster. After the tea is made, its broth assumes bright green, and exudes refreshing and delicate scent like that of Chinese chestnuts and rich and mellow fragrance. Tunlu is the super-eminent products among green teas produced in China, which has great varieties such as Zhenmei, Gongxi, Tezhen, Xiumei, Lupian, etc. Tunlu tea found the international market as early as Wanli period of Ming Dynasty, nowadays they are best sellers around the world.