Taiping Monkey Tea

2010-11-29 作者: Mount Huangshan   信息来源: Mount Huangshan

Taiping Monkey Tea is firstly created in Anhui's Houkeng, while it is named after its main producing area--Tai Ping county, which known as Huangshan district in Huangshan City at present. TaiPing monkey king become world-famous since it won gold medal in the 1915's Panama Pacific Exposition.

The appearance of Taiping Monkey Tea is flat and straight. The bud is enfolded by two leaves which in green bloomed color.The greenish leaf vein, with hidden red color,is so called "red string" by farmers. When infusing, the tea leaf unfurl like colorful floating flowers. The fresh and mellow taste comes with high pure aroma which known as "monkey rhyme".