Mt.Huangshan: What a Cool World!

2011-07-07 作者: Fiby   信息来源: Mt.Huangshan

During the hot summer days, cool climate and fragrant odors of Mt.Huangshan attracts visitors all over the world. Known as “Natural Oxygen Bar” and “Heaven of summer resort”, Mt.Huangshan is a perfect summer getaway.

In July, people are wondering how to go through those dog days, Mt.Huangshan presents a cool world with the temperature staying about 20℃. The area of Mt.Huangshan is 1200 square meters, with forest coverage reaching 84.7 percent, and vegetation plant coverage reaching 93 percent.


Summer is the best season to view the Cloud Sea of Mt.Huangshan, which is one of the five wonders of Mt.Huangshan. After a summer rain, a lazy mist uprises slowly to form a peaceful cloud sea, which blurs our approaches and whithers, and make us to stop our thinking.