Xidi Village

2010-11-29 作者: Mount Huangshan   信息来源: Mount Huangshan

Xidi is a very beautiful village of Anhui Province, which is an optimum place to see the old typical folk houses of the southern Anhui Province. Besides, you may explore the source of the ancient culture of this area in this ancient village.

Xidi Village is 8km away from the east of Yi County, 54km from Tunxi City, and 40km away from Huangshan beauty spot. It has over 900 years old and is segmented by over 40 old winding and narrow lanes which are paved by bluestones. The laneways and the overall arrangement of the architecture make a very good harmony in this village. If you stroll in the village, you will find historic folk houses, ancestral temples, halls, academy of classical learning, archway, white walls and grey tiles, paned windows and projecting horse-head walls, flexural walls, stone benches, old well, and stone slab bridge etc. they still remain the style and features that the kinds of centuries ago.

From that moment when you step into this village you can feel that artistic feeling touches in every corner. On the marble doorframes, you will find flowers, birds and beasts are carved on; on the bricks, you will see the carved pavilions, kiosks, human figures and the actor's lines. Additionally, you can also enjoy the woodcarvings, murals, gardens, and the bonsai exhibition by some villagers. And if you are careful enough, you will find the indoor arrangement of the houses are not so different from those of the other ancient villages or ancient cities which you have visited. Here the arrangements of old furniture and the lay of calligraphy and paintings in the houses still keep the feature of the Ming and Qing Dynasty (1368-1911AD).