Enjoy “Picturesque Huizhou“ in Huangshan city

2010-12-08 作者: go2huangshan.com   信息来源: go2huangshan.com

"Picturesque Huizhou" (Hui Yun in Chinese) is a multimedia show combining the contemporary techniques of sound, sight and electronic effects reproducing the past.

Since its debut on the stage of Huangshan Xiangming Hotel Theater, "Picturesque Huizhou" has become an international trend that makes use of cultural heritages to develop local tourism and economy. It is a cultural performance that takes tourists at home and abroad back in time to the curious eras of the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Huangshan Xiangming Hotel Theater

"Picturesque Huizhou", directed by Duan Jianping, a famous Chinese director, is in five acts, named "The Seasons in Huangshan Mountain", "The World in Heaven", "Huizhou's Dreams", "Anhui Opera Goes to Beijing" and "The Charming Huizhou Culture".