Natural Landscapes

2010-11-27 作者: Mount Huangshan   信息来源: Mount Huangshan

Huangshan is fascinating for its grotesque pine trees, vivid-looking rocks, and ever-changing clouds. Springs spurt all year round and winter snow is especially inviting. Huangshan has the ever-changing views which can always entertain visitors. The scenery is different in four seasons and various from the foot to the top of the mountain. Furthermore, views are different in the morning and in the evening, and during fine days and cloudy days. The sunrise, sunset glow and Buddha halo have all their attractions. Different seasons, different time and different weather in Huangshan can bring you different excitement, enjoyment and pleasure.

Well-known Peaks

Mt. Huangshan has the typical feature of granite peak forest landform. The main peaks stand out and they are surrounded by small peaks. All the peaks are spectacular. 88 peaks tower over 1,000 meters high and 7 over 1, 800 meters.

Heavenly Capital Peak

The peak is 1,810 meters above the sea level. It is precipitous and the most magnificent one of all the peaks in Mt. Huangshan. Ancient people believed that it was a capital for fairies to meet. That is why it has got the name Heavenly Capital Peak.

Lotus Peak

The peak is 1.864 meters above the sea level and is the highest peak in Mt. Huangshan. The main peak is surrounded by all the small peaks. The most wonderful thing is that they look like a lotus flower with nine petals in full bloom. So the whole view features a blossoming lotus. Therefore, it is named Lotus Peak. When visitors reach the top of it to see the clouds and rivers faraway, they would feel like standing in the heaven.

Bright Summit Peak

It is 1,860 meters high and the second highest peak. It has got a flat top and enjoys the longest day light, hence the name. Huangshan Weather Forecast Station, the highest weather station in eastern China, is on the top. This is an ideal place for watching sunrise, sunset glow and sea of clouds. It is also an important pivot of the footpath of the back part and the front part of the mountain. It is an important distributing centre for tourists.

Beautiful Waters

Mt. Huangshan has many valleys and ravines. The precipitation is plentiful. When the streams meet, they flow down to form waterfalls or ponds. The waterfalls look like silver silk and sound like thunderbolts. The water in the pond is clean and clear. It tastes sweet and looks like a jadeite. The streams flow and sound like music played on string and bamboo flute, as if music from heaven.

Inverted V Waterfall

It runs between Cinnabar Peak and Purple Cloud Peak, formed by water flowing down from Purple Stone Peak and Lima Peak to Purple Cloud Cliff. The waterfall has two streams which meet with an intersection angle of 26°, so it looks like the Chinese character “人”. The waterfall is 130 meters long and the drop height is 80 meters. It is like two white dragon dancing with the sprinkles of water drops.

Thousand-Foot Waterfall

The waterfall is 110 meters high. It runs between Purple Cloud Peak and Qingtan Peaks. On the way from Hot Spring to Cloudy Valley, visitors can see it on the left side. After heavy rains, the water flows from the cliff like a long silver silk hanging off the Galaxy. When there’s little rainfall, the water flow forms spring and looks like light veil, so it is also called Thousand-Foot Spring.

Nine-Dragon Waterfall

It lies in the east foot of Huangshan and between the Cloudy Valley and Kuzhu Creek. The streams from Heavenly Capital Peak, Lotus Peak, Jade Screen Peak, and Buddha Palm Peak meet at Chenxiangyaun and flows down from Xianglu Peak. It turns nine times, so nine ponds and nine waterfalls are formed like nine dragons. It is 600 meters long and the drop height is 360 meters. This is the most magnificent waterfall in Mt. Huangshan.