Cloudy Valley Scenic Area

2010-11-27 作者: Mount Huangshan   信息来源: Mount Huangshan

Located in the east of Huangshan Mountain, it has an altitude of 900 meters. It is named after the famous Yungu Monastery (formerly named Zhibo Monastery) which was built here. Located in the middle of the valley, it is surrounded by peaks and hills, intercrossed with paths leading to tranquility. In the forest or by the river, there are novel rocks like Five Old Men Rowing the Boat, Flying-over Drum, Two Cats Catching the Mouse, Son Carrying his Mother on His Back, Old Monk Picking Herbs and Fairy Overturning the Table. Besides, there are some elaborate stone carvings like “Gradual Access to Grace”, “Low Clouds at Back Glimpse”, “Wonder From Here”, “Drunken Hum” and “To Tranquility”. Cultural relics, such as Pi’an Pagoda, Longfong Nunnery, and Jiang Litian’s Tomb, are found here as well. Also growing in this area are the “three treasure trees” of Mt. Huangshan, namely, Pseudotsuga gaussenii, Tsuga chinensis, and Ginkgo blioba.