The Northern Gate Area Further Deploys Reception Preparation for Spring Festival Holiday

2013-02-06 作者: 段中平   信息来源: 黄山风景区交通局

    In order to implement the spirit of HSAC (Mt. Huangshan Administrative Committee) reception work meeting for Spring Festival Holiday. On 5th, Feb, Fang Biyun, the vice secretary of HSAC (Mt. Huangshan Administrative Committee) Party Committee and the conductor of Northern Gate Area, held the Northern Gate Area Reception Work Meeting once again to re-inspect, review and re-deploy each arrangement.

    Fang Biyun made four requirements. The first is to manage the parking order, the second is to mange the traffic order, the third is to manage the transfer order, and the last is to manage the business order.

    The participators are related responsible person from Social Development and Social Security Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Public Security Bureau, HSTG (Huangshan Tourism Group), Youth League, National Express Transportation Company and Tangkou town.