Chief of Political Department in 96151 Troops Visiting Mt. Huangshan

2013-02-05 作者: 邬艳   信息来源: 黄山管委会政治处

    On February 5, 2013, the team led by Zhou Jianbo, Chief of Political Department in 96151 Troops visited Mt. Huangshan. They inspected Tourists Distribution Centre, the South Gate Square and Information Centre successively. Xu Jiwei, Director of HSAC, and relevant leaders- Li Jinshui, Cheng Guanghua and Liu Yiju accompanied the team.

    At first, Mr Xu, on behalf of Mt. Huangshan, expressed our sincere thanks and respect to 96151 Troops. He said that 96151 Troops have given care to Mt. Huangshan both at the beginning of Mt. Huangshan’s development and at tourist rush season. The development of Mt. Huangshan depends on the support from 96151 Troops.

    Mr Zhou said they have experienced the development and change of Mt. Huangshan. Over the past year, the daily reception broke the record of 50,000. Mt. Huangshan received over 3,000,000 tourists all the year and realized the income of more than 2,000,000,000 RMB. He hoped that Mt. Huangshan and the Troops would maintain close relations with each other in order to pursue mutual development. At last, he wished the staff in Mt. Huangshan a happy new year on behalf of 96151 Troops.