Xu Jiwei and Zhou Tianwei Inspected Mt. Huangshan to Review the Preparation for Spring Festival Holi

2013-02-08 作者: 文/余盛明 图/周冰 孙南华   信息来源: 黄山管委会政治处

    On the afternoon of 6th, Feb, with the company of related responsible person of Huangshan Tourism Committee and HSAC (Mt. Huangshan Administrative Committee), member of Huangshan Standing Committee and Director of HSAC, Xu Jiwei, and Deputy Major of Huangshan, Zhou Tianwei, inspected Huangshan Scenic Area to review its preparation for Spring Festival Holiday.

    This inspection team visited National Express Bus Terminal, Fishing Bridge Temple at Western Gate, the feet of Little Ridge, Pine Valley Nunnery at Northern Gate, Lotus Ridge and so on to deploy work and make requirements. On the way, Xu Jiwei and Zhou Tianwei are all made instructions.

    During the inspections, when they meet up with fire team members, Zhou Tianwei told them to keep warm in winter.