Mr. Xu, the NPC Representative, Promoted Mt. Huangshan in the Interview at Sina


On the afternoon of March 9th, Mr. Xu Jiwei, the NPC Representative, Member of Huangshan Standing Committee, Director of HSAC (Mt. Huangshan Administrative Committee), promoted Mt. Huangshan in the interview at NPC & CPPCC Interview of Sina. Mr. Xu Jiwei introduced Xu Xiake, the traveler and geographer of Ming Dynasty, who traveled to Mt. Huangshan twice and praised it as "Among all the tourist attractions in the world, Mt. Huangshan in Huizhou has no equal. Once on the top, one can find no match to its beauty, which is a real marvel!" and Deng Xiaoping who issued his famous "Huangshan Remarks", when inspecting Mt. Huangshan, which preluding the development of modern tourism in China and Mt. Huangshan. Now, Mt. Huangshan is carrying a national strategic orientation of "building tourism into a strategic pillar industry in national economy and a modern service industry with which people are more satisfied". When talking about his feelings to Mt. Huangshan, Mr. Xu used such key words of “loving and revering, having far to go to and shouldering heavy responsibilities.”

When talking about how to protect ecology and how to promote Eco-civilization construction, Mr. Xu quoted the words in this year’s Government Work Report which is Eco- civilization construction is a matter related to people’s well-being and future of the coming generations and our nation. He also exampled a series of sustainable ideas, low carbon actions and conservation measures, based on which Mt. Huangshan was well conserved.

When explaining the idea and measures of Mt. Huangshan’s Low Carbon Tourism, Mr. Xu presented the Low-carbon management, travel-style and lifestyle in Mt. Huangshan. In 2010, Mt. Huangshan initiated Mt. Huangshan Declaration of Low-carbon and Eco-development in China’s Scenic Area. In 2012, Mt. Huangshan formulated a Low-carbon Tourism Initiative. WTTC promoted Low-carbon and Eco-Mt. Huangshan as a typical case of how global tourism responding environmental and climate change. "Now, Mt. Huangshan was awarded National Civilized Scenic Spot and Demonstration Destination of China Low-Carbon Tourism, and built Observatory on Sustainable Tourism Development at World Heritage - Mt. Huangshan and GSTC's Pilots for Destination Criteria - Mt. Huangshan", Mr. Xu said proudly.

When talking about the Internet effect, Mr. Xu said Internet makes tourism better. "Mt. Huangshan has planned to establish the Destination Network Marketing System years ago" he said, "In 2010, the municipal government of Huangshan city launched the project of Smart Huangshan which integrating all tourism resources over the city. We believe, in future, this will bring new feelings to tourists."

At last, Mr. Xu Jiwei invited everyone to visit Mt. Huangshan to experience Quality Mt. Huangshan.