HSAC listened to the key priorities reports of subordinated sectors in 2013

2013-02-28 作者: 江雷   信息来源: 黄山管委会办公室

In order to refining work, ensuring the achievement of this year’s objectives, HSAC held a report meeting on 21st, February. At the meeting, secretaries and directors of HSAC listened to the 2013 key priorities reports of eight sectors and discussed each of them.

    The meeting fully confirmed the 2013 work opinions of all sectors and proposed some requirements. The first is to give priority to major projects. Based on the annual objectives, all sectors should decompose the tasks and emphasize on implementing. The second is to make innovations during development and learn advanced experiences from similar scenic spots. The last is to change the working methods. According to the requirement of central and provincial governments, all members should change the working style thoroughly, especially the leading group members. The leaders have to lead by example. The leaders have to lead staff to initiate the new situation in working affairs.